“Intermission” by Serena Chase — Book Review


About Book:

The story follows Faith and Noah, two theater loving teens who meet and fall in love.

*Thinks of more to say*

Oh, and there is also a sub plot that deals with suffering from mental abuse.

My Review:

Contemporary set books have never been my  “number one,go-to” books, but I’ve developed a better love for them in the past couple of years. So when I saw this book for review, I decided to give it a chance. I’d never read another book by the author before,  but I’d seen her fantasy series around. How did I like this book?

I think I’m going to say that I simply liked it. Honestly, there wasn’t anything that struck me as fantastic, but it was still a nice little read. The writing was lovely.  I enjoyed the author’s voice, and the fact that the story was clean. (It’s getting SO hard to find clean fiction YA, ya’ll. Wayyy too hard. #endofgripe). Also, it was neat to see the spiritual growth of Faith, and how she and Noah (ze hero of book) were shown with a desire to do right, but realistically. You know, so that their struggle did not show just two perfect, flat characters who do right all the time and are 100% having no issues with mistakes. Like, thank you, Mrs. Chase. Also, I like how the book starts in the present, then goes back to the past, then back to the present so that you learn to care what’s happening in the present.

Now for the cons… Well, for one, the story just moved at a slower pace than I’d have liked, making it seem like it took quite  a while to read. This is probably due to the fact that this book is mostly a romance, and there did not seem to be much else happening until the latter part of the book…. And, yeah, that’s the con.

So, if you like Christian contemporary, clean romance, and something that does (eventually) deal with some tough life issues, then give “Intermission” by Serena Chase a try. I’m giving it a rating of four.

Book Review Ratings:

5.Great Book!

4.I  liked it!

3. Okay.

2. Did not like it.

1. Did not finish.


5 thoughts on ““Intermission” by Serena Chase — Book Review

  1. Thanks for reviewing this! I’ve been curious about it because I enjoy Serena Chase’s fantasy. 🙂 Contemporary isn’t my favorite either, but I can enjoy it… Anyways, great review! 🙂

  2. …and this is yet another book on my eventual TBR. As usual I have way more than is practical, but someday, I will make a dent in said TBR. Thanks for sharing your review, Grace!

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