Drama Wednesday (1)

I have this thing for Asian Dramas. It started almost three years ago when I started writing to my very dear friend, Joni (*waves at dear friend*), and she said she liked to watch Korean Dramas. Though I was not sure how anyone could possibly enjoy watching a show where you had to use subtitles to know what everyone is saying, I thought I’d ask her for a list of Dramas she liked. Long story short, a few months later I decided to try one, and it turned me into a monstrous fan-girl lover of Asian shows. So where once I was not sure if I could like them, they are now some of my favorite things to watch.

So, seeing that I like Asian dramas, I thought it would be fun to sometimes come on here and discuss what I’m watching, how I’m liking it… Basically bombarding you with a fandom I share with no one in real life. Perhaps throwing in some western dramas when I feel like it…and am, you know, actually watching a Western set drama. (Btw, by Western, I mean non-Asian, not cowboys.)


The first one I’m watching is “General and I,” a Chinese historical drama about a general and a maid who are in love, but are from two enemy regions. I think what I like most about this drama is how it sort of reminds me of Β “The Winner’s Curse” series by Marie Rutoski. The maid is a skilled battle strategist, and it is interesting watching her as she does things that seem reckless, but turn out to be winning maneuvers for her and her people. Yay for wit battles! Other things I like are the pretty costumes, and the battle scenes are pretty engaging. I’m on episode 11, and so far I’m really liking it!



“Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” is a fantasy about a girl who falls in love with a god, and ends up forgetting about him. I’m sure there’s more to it, but that seems to be the main selling line. I decided to give it a try because it is apparently pretty popular, and, after watching “Ice Fantasy” and suffering from some Chinese Fantasy withdrawal, maybe it will help. I’ve only seen one episode, but it is interesting with lots of pretty colors and plot twists. Plus, there’s a Chinese version of a Ghumio, and I love me some Ghumio characters. πŸ˜€


Finally, I’m watching the currently airing K-Drama, “Radiant Office.” This show follows a young woman who has finally found a job after trying over 100 times. However, she’s also found out that she’s dying and has only six months. This one is a comedy mixed with some more serious elements. I like how the heroine has such a vivid imagination, showing what she wants to do versus what she really does. Relate-able, this is. It’s also cool how she’s determined to keep going for as long as she has left. I’m not sure how this drama will end, but it has potential for making me cry, just saying.


6 thoughts on “Drama Wednesday (1)

  1. We are both drama nerds with no real life people to share it with, haha. Thought I guess you have a friend who suggested some to you. I alas had to start a blog just to be able to talk about it lol. I recently got into Chinese dramas and watched ten miles of peach blossoms and General and I. Both quite excellent though very different from each other. I haven’t checked out the Radiant Office drama yet. Not sure if I will pick it up it seems like a similar role to Ha Seok Jin’s Something about 1% and Drinking Solo that I watched late last year.

    1. Pleased to meet you. πŸ™‚

      Yes, my friend did suggest we, but we’ve never met in person. 😦 But it’s always fun to chat with other bloggers who enjoy the same things. πŸ™‚

      I am enjoying both dramas so far. They are different, but that is a good thing when watching multiple dramas.

      I haven’t watched either of those, so I can’t say if it is similar. I do hope to review it if I end up finish watching it.

  2. Mwahhahah… πŸ˜‰
    “Winner’s Curse” is a great way to get my attention for “General and I”.
    And it’s been too long (“Gu Family Book”) since I’ve watched something with a Gumiho character!
    Love this KDrama update post! Looking forward to more!

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