Drama Wednesday (3): Thoughts on “Momo Salon” and “You’re My Vampire.”

This week for Drama Wednesday, I have some thoughts on some smaller Korean works:

“Momo Salon”


“Momo Salon” is a Korean mini series about a girl who opens up her own salon shop. I found it available to download on Amazon prime, and since I have time at my job (assistant to an elderly lady) where I can watch a little something, I thought this would be a nice, quick choice. It’s only six episodes, and each episode is less than ten minutes long. It was quick, somewhat quirky, and mixed with some sweet points. Honestly, it wasn’t the best mini drama I watched, but it wasn’t horrible. I’d recommend it if you just want some fast fluff. Also, it might make you want to change your hair.


“You’re My Vampire”


“You’re My Vampire” had such potential. It’s a Korean film about a writer who thinks her new neighbor is a vampire. Sounds cool, yes? Sadly, I discussed this drama with my friend over the phone, and the one word that popped up to describe it was weird. This is the first Korean film that I have finished. Again, it was another one I downloaded from Amazon prime. As a writer, I thought this one looked good. Yet it was weird (there goes the word again). While some of it was humorous, it, over all, just had a weirdΒ strange atmosphere. The ending left me all kinds of confused, and it just… yeah, not a favorite.



Have a favorite mini series or film to recommend? Please share. πŸ˜€


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