Drama Wednesday (4): Favorite Dramas-Part One

Today I thought I’d share what are some of my favorite dramas in a two part post.

“Gu Family Book”


This is the drama that got me into Korean dramas, which eventually led to me trying dramas from other Asian countries. Anywho, “Gu Family Book” (chosen at random from a list my friend sent me) grabbed a hold of me more than I could have imagined. Yeah, the ending stinketh. Like, really, it has been years since I first watched it, and I still think they should have made a sequel (which I doubt will ever happen *tears*).

“Flower Boys Next Door”


“Flower Boys Next Door” is my number two drama. I found it relate-able in so many ways, and still do. The story follows a young woman who almost never leaves her apartment because she has suffered from some bullying, and she feels safest in her little home where she edits books for a living. She’s made a habit of watching her next door neighbor with a pair of binoculars, harboring a secret crush. It is when she is spying one day that she is caught by Enrique, a game maker genius who finds her hermit-like ways a challenge to beat. Such a lovely drama, and one I’ve watched more than once. 😀

“Boys Over Flowers”


“Boys Over Flowers” is a very popular series, and probably my favorite Korean Drama. I watched the whole thing in like, four days. Maybe less. And then when it was over, I re-watched it.  I now own a DVD set of the series and my very own kissing star necklace, plus my friend sent me a BOF mug that I love to bits. And yes, I kind of want to go and watch it again as I post this. It is indeed the drama I have watched the most, and the one I love the most.

“Brilliant Legacy” a.k.a. “Shining Inheritance”


“Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy” caught my eye because it is said that, while being aired at the same time, it sometimes had higher ratings than “Boys Over Flowers” in Korea. Like, say what? I decided to watch it, and I found that this Cinderella type story actually was pretty good. So yes, now I’m glad I gave it a try. It’s not as popular as BOF is with the international viewers these days, BUT I can see how it could have garnered higher ratings from others. Yes, I admit that I personally like “Boys Over Flowers” better, but this one is also one of my favorites. If only the dvd sets of it were not so expensive.

“The Master’s Sun”


“The Master’s Sun” is part scary, part comedy. It’s about a girl who was seriously injured. When she woke up, she could see ghosts! The ghosts like to ask her to do things for them, or sometimes just talk, and the end result is that she gets little sleep because some of the ghosts are frightening or won’t stop bothering her until she does what they ask. One day she meets a guy who, when she touches him, the ghosts disappear… Another series I own on dvd, this one does have its freaky moments, but it also has its humorous and sweet times. I’m actually rewatching it at this time… *along with watching some other dramas. so many dramas, guys, so many.


7 thoughts on “Drama Wednesday (4): Favorite Dramas-Part One

  1. I’ve seen all the dramas on the list (and lalaLOVED them ^^) except for Brilliant Legacy. Hmmm…. This might have to change. It even has some actors that I really like!
    I’m looking forward to part two of this post!
    *wanders off singing “Almost Paaaradiiiiiise!”*

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