“Lizzie and Jane” by Katherine Reay- Book Review



  This story follows the journey of Elizabeth, a New York chef. She’s lost her touch in the kitchen of her restaurant, and ends up taking a break when her boss brings in another chef to take over her kitchen help her out (so thoughtful… <—Sarcasm). Heading home, she ends up staying with her sister, Jane, who has been diagnosed with the same cancer that took their mom’s life. While there, Elizabeth is confronted by emotional family problems, romance, and a choice about what path to take for her future.

My Review:

  When I first read the synopsis for this book, I was not very interested. Stories that involve Cancer were sad to me, and I did not care to read something that had a character going through it. BUT, then my own sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and I was thrust into my own real-life role of having to see my own sibling go through having this terrible disease. When I looked at the synopsis of “Lizzie and Jane” after this, the book had become something I wanted to read. Amazing how life can change our perspective on things.

I really liked this book. Not because it was full of amazing plot twists or beautifully written passages. No, I think it was because it was so relate-able, and the parts that were not something I could relate to were just so heart touching. Reay’s characters feel real. They’re… I don’t know. Maybe the phrase I’m looking forward is not fluffy? I’m a sucker for romantic comedy, so the contemporaries I go for are usually full of some pretty far fetched situations. Which is fun, but it was nice to read something that felt like every day life, but in a way that was interesting enough to keep my attention. It was an enjoyable thing to watch one woman’s journey of finding herself, confronting long held pain, and learning that dreams can change. The romance was also sweet, and I liked how it wasn’t the main focal point of the story. It was nice being able to read a book where the best thing wasn’t that the girl found a guy, but that she became a better person.

Also, this book has plenty of references to food and Jane Austen. I appreciated this because yes, I like food (who doesn’t?), and Jane Austen is awesome, so it was nice seeing her stories taking small parts in this tale. So if you’re into either of those, then this might be a read for you. 🙂

I’m glad that I decided to give this book a try. I actually liked it better than “Dear Mr. Knightley,” her debut. I give ‘Lizzie and Jane” a rating of four and a half.

P.S. My sister is currently cancer free. 😀

Book Review Ratings:

5. Great Book!

4. I  liked it!

3. Okay.

2. Did not like it.

1. Did not finish.


4 thoughts on ““Lizzie and Jane” by Katherine Reay- Book Review

  1. I had some mixed feelings about “Dear Mr. Knightly” but maybe I’ll still have to check this one out…
    Still “yay!” for your sister! ^^

  2. *whispers* Replying to things nearly a month after they’re posted is what happens when I let my email inbox build up for too long. I forget I haven’t read things. *blush*

    *normal voice* I don’t usually like stories with cancer either, but this one sounds good. 🙂
    Praise the Lord for your sister’s healing!

    1. *whispers* I understand.

      *normal voice* Yes, stories with cancer can be depressing. While sad stories are not always bad, they are not my usual go-to tales. This one, though, while sometimes sad, was overall cheery enough not to make me feel depressed.
      Thank you. She has been cancer free for over a year now. 😀

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