Drama Wednesday (6)—Favorite Dramas Part Two

Hello everyone! Today I’m here with part two of my favorite dramas. (You can check out part one by clicking here.)


“Moonriver” is a Taiwanese drama that captured my heart is so many ways. The humor, the sweet heroine, and the tugging of the heartstrings… they just make me happy thinking about it. It’s about a martial artist girl from the country who ends up going to a city college where she soon offends the top students and finds her life entangled with theirs. Okay, so this drama is a lot like “Boys Over Flowers,” but no, I do not think it is a do-over of my beloved BOF. This one has enough fresh elements to make it its own story, and I really like it.



Speaking of “Heartstrings,” another one of my favorite dramas happens to be named just that. I think the main reason I tried this one was because I was not happy who the heroine ended up with in the drama, “You’re Beautiful.” I wanted her to end up with the second male lead (This is a problem I often have.). “Heartstrings” paired the female lead and second male lead from “You’re Beautiful” together as the main couple. While it wasn’t the same as if they had ended up together in “You’re Beautiful,” I suppose it helped salve the pain. This drama is about two students, one a modern music player, the other a traditional Koran music player, and their bumpy path to finding love. It’s cute and fluffy, with enough drama to perhaps cause you to bit your nails in nervous anticipation to know what happens next. Also, there’s plenty of fun music.


Ice-Fantasy-Poster-Feature-Image (1)

“Ice Fantasy” is the only Chinese drama I have finished so far, and I almost gave up on it after watching only the first few episodes. I persevered, though, and it was worth it. Only issue was that there were some intimate romance scenes that made me uncomfortable. Other than that, it was just a fun, other-worldly adventure that has me wanting  its sequel, “Ice Fantasy: Destiny,” right now. Right now.




“Dream Knight” is another mini Korean drama that I enjoy. It’s about a orphaned school girl who is protected by a group of magical guys as she goes through life. It’s  sweet, plus it contains a lot of fun music, probably because the main guys are all K-pop artists. Anyways, I wish there was more because the story felt somewhat incomplete. 😦


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