Drama Wednesday (7): “Radiant Office” Thoughts

I’ll just start with saying…



I LOVED this drama. Which is not what seems to be the popular opinion, but who cares? Whatever to those who did not like this drama (except to you, my BFF ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), because this one was a winner for me.

So, to give you a little overview, this drama is about a 28 year old woman who has not had much luck in life. She lost her dad, has had many interviews with no success in procuring a position, and when she thinks she is going to get a position (because who fails 100 times?), she is turned down again. Then, through a series of events, she finds out that she might have only 6 months to live.

Yeah, kind of depressing. But trust me, this drama is full of smiles.

What I Liked:

I loved the friendship that developed between the female lead and the two guys she met at the hospital. They have their relational bumps, but overall they’re stinking squad goals. (No, they do not develop romantic attachments to each other)

Oh, the feels this scene brings, ya’ll. The FEELS.


The life issues that this drama portrays were relate-ableย even though the characters live in a place much different than where I live.ย This series is, to me, for those who have been through hard times. For those who are struggling and feel like they’re at the bottom of life’s blessings. I just related to the struggles of some of the characters (like my squad shown in photo above). Depression because of life’s sad turns, suicidal thoughts caused by wanting the pain to end, dealing with finding a job (something I was going through when I started watching), and learning to be more responsible… these things are touched upon in the plot, and it attached my heart to this drama. Yet, as sad as this was, the show shows a gradual buildup of happiness that life brings in these areas, especially if we keep going.

No insta-love between leads- Thank you, Radiant Office. I think this may be one reason I’ve read that others find this show boring, but I do not think this was a bad thing. The romance element was portrayed in a way that it wasn’t the ย focal part of the story, and that was a nice take. Besides, some of the side characters have their own romantic drama to help tide over waiting for…well, I won’t say anymore. #causethatwouldbemajorspoiling


The characters. They were all flawed, yet lovable. Their imperfections made them all the more real, and I miss even characters who (most of the time) were pretty much jerks because they were even shown to have some endearing qualities.

Things I Wasn’t So Fond Of:

There were some slow parts, but not enough to ruin the overall show for me.

The ending left me a bit hanging. Most dramas do, which is the reason I have a hard time moving on to new dramas and therefore re-watch the drama I can’t get enough of.


*sighs happily*

Overall, I still get a warm feeling when I think on this drama even though its been some days since I completed it. I think the heart of this drama, the reason it touched me so much, is summed up pretty well in this quote from the series when one of the characters reflects on what they learned:

“I learned how special everyday is.”


4 thoughts on “Drama Wednesday (7): “Radiant Office” Thoughts

  1. I didn’t HATE it… It just didn’t really grip me… But I’m glad you liked it! Your enthusiasm makes me want to give more episodes a try. haha… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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