Drama Wednesday (8): My K-Drama DVD Collection

I have learned an important fact since delving into the world of Asian Dramas. What fact is this, you may ask?

ASIAN DRAMA DVD’s ARE EXPENSIVE. *faints from sadness*


I mean, maybe they are not expensive for everyone. For me, though, it takes some serious bargain hunting, and sometimes even financial sacrifice to buy them. (<—such dramatic wording.)  Now, I know there are places online where you can watch them, and that is where I do the majority of my watching. However, let’s be real. There are times when I go places and there is no internet. There are even horrendous times where the internet goes out at my house *cue horror music*. What do I do when such calamity falls?

*in comes the DVD*

While not very big, here is a peek into my collection of K-Drama Dvd’s (I have yet to buy any Chinese or Japanese dramas):


Dramas I Have Finished Watching:








Dramas I’ve not Fully Watched:





It’s a tiny collection, but I’m pleased with it. Even have some “emergency” new dramas just in case. 😉


What are some dramas you own, or would like to own? I know I have more I’d like to have.


7 thoughts on “Drama Wednesday (8): My K-Drama DVD Collection

  1. Gah… Your dvd collection is so puuurty.. 😉
    There are so many on my starry-eyed wishlist, but my top two right now are probably “Age of Youth” and “Goblin”.

  2. Wow!!! your DVD collection are awesome… You have see the new ones like Goblin and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

    1. Thank you. I save up money to buy one whenever I can. 🙂

      I still need to see those two. I have seen such good things about them. Not seen a good dvd version of either, yet. Have my eyes on watch, though.

      1. I see~ I just watch tru online or just download them. Though I live in korea I can watch it on tv. Though sometimes I can’t understand all since I’m still studying korean language, I still prefer to watch online with subs.

      2. You live in Korea? So awesome. It is my dream to visit there one day. Must be nice to have dramas that come on t.v., lol.

        While I know a few phrases from watching dramas, I cannot watch them without the subtitles. Otherwise I would have no idea what is going on. I’ve recently started studying the language, and am currently learning the Korean alphabet.
        I watch online most of the time, too, but on Dramafever or Viki. I sometimes go places without internet—like my grandmother’s house—so the dvd’s are lifesaving in time like those.

      3. yeah I’m living here for a year now. Such a wonderful place to visit.

        Yeap, dvd’s are great too lifesaving and a good collection too. ^^

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