“The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet” by Stephanie Morrill— Book Review

Fun fact that I have not discussed much on this blog: I’m a writer, and today I have a review for a book that I think other writers might enjoy (or even non-writer bookworms that like contemporary set books). It kind of reminded me of that old Disney Channel movie, “Read it and Weep,” yet was still its own story.




About (From Publisher’s Website):

“When ousted by her lifelong friends, teen writer Ellie Sweet takes to story writing as self-therapy. She casts herself as Lady Gabrielle, a favorite in the medieval Italian court, her ex-friends as her catty rivals, and makes a pesky rake of the boy who thinks he’s too good for her in real life. But when Ellie achieves the impossible and her “coping mechanism” becomes a published novel, she faces the consequences of using her pen as her sword.”

My Review:

I like how this book shows the ordinary aspects of a writer’s life. We writers can make some interesting worlds, but I can guess that most of our lives contain the ordinary circumstances of normal, everyday living. I’ve not read many books where the heroine is a writer, and with the first-person point of view giving me an in-depth look into her thoughts and feelings, I couldn’t help but end up liking her story. Though Ellie’s life does have some aspects that do seem less likely to often happen in the real world (sixteen year old gets published = wow), it was still realistic enough where it could have happened. Add in that Ellie has hard things to deal with in her life that remind me of circumstances I’ve been through, and she became someone easy for me to cheer on.

I also like the diverse characterization in the supporting characters. When I read a story that has characters that are so different than the usual, it makes a good impression on me. From the boy on the other side of the tracks, to the grandmother who isn’t exactly the “cookie-baking, hugging” type, I commend the author for giving an interesting cast to be a part of Ellie’s tale.

Now, though I over all liked this book, I do have a few negative thoughts. For one, I would have liked it if I could have gotten more glimpses into Ellie’s story world (just something I was curious about). And even though Ellie is someone I can relate to and whose wit and sass I found amusing, I probably would have liked her story a lot more if I had read it when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong— I still like the book— but I found that Ellie’s immature decisions in her teenage drama, especially when it came to romance, were somewhat more irritating for me than they may have once been. (That’s probably part of me getting older…)

But to summarize, I think that this is a fun, thought-provoking story. Entertaining, but certainly containing some depth, “The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet” is a winner in the contemporary YA. For sure, Ellie Sweet is one of the few contemporary fiction heroines who I’ve been able to relate to more than just a little.
I give “The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet” by Stephanie Morrill a rating of four.


Book Review Ratings:

5. Great Book!

4. I  liked it!

3. Okay.

2. Did not like it.

1. Did not finish.


4 thoughts on ““The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet” by Stephanie Morrill— Book Review

  1. I find that I come to the same conclusion as you when I read YA fiction now: the drama that seemed so important in high school has become so trivial when compared with life as an adult. However, I still like reading them to stay somewhat connected to that age group as I have close cousins who are that age. Thanks for the review, I’ll add this one to my list!

    1. I, too, still like reading them. I just do not connect with them very much when it comes to the school dramas, haha. It’s is an interesting thing how things that once bothered us no longer have effects on us when we get older. However, it seems new things come and take their place.
      Awesome. I hope you will enjoy it if you ever get the chance to read it. 🙂

  2. I love YA contemporary!! The characters do often make quite inmature decisions haha but I still love them nonetheless! I’m glad you enjoyed this book, I might have to pick it up. 😊 Lovely review!

    1. I have been really wanting to read more YA contemporary, when before it was only and now and again thing. I guess I want some less heavy reading. Something more fluffy than most fantasies and historical provide. Thank you for the kind words on my review. I hope you will like it if you pick it up. 🙂

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