Drama Wednesday (11) — What I’m Watching

Today for Drama Wednesday, I’m sharing some stuff about dramas I’m watching.



“Circle: Two Worlds Connected” (2017)— Oh. my. Oh. my. OH MY! This drama. You guys, THIS DRAMA IS AWESOME!!! (+a gazillion more exclamation points)

I have not seen a drama quite like it. It’s a sci-fi tale that has an alien, a futuristic world with a “perfect” city, cool technology…. Yet the thing that just makes it so stinking amazing is the plot. Sooo good, ya’ll. I’m on episode 7, and I think they have up through episode 10 available on Dramafever . It’s supposed to only have 12 episodes, so I think the last two air next week. Which is bad, because if I finish what is available before then, I might suffer some show withdrawals. #thesearenotgood



“Sweet Stranger and Me” (2016)— This drama is one I’m taking my time getting through, though not because it is a bad drama. I like it thus far, but it sadly pales in comparison to some of the other dramas I’m watching at this time. However, it is enjoyable, and does make me smile. Also, can I just mention the theme song? I LOVE it. On episode 8.




“My Sassy Girl” (2017)— I was not too sure about this drama when I was first started watching it. It was funny, yes, but (for me) it was also sometimes confusing ,and maybe a little slow in parts of it. Β However, I decided to push through the first episode and a half that had me questioning it, and I’m glad I did because it is turning out to be an entertaining show. A nice amount of funny mixed with some mystery and palace politics? Um, YES. I’ve made it to episode 7, but only eight episodes are currently available since this is a currently airing show.




“The Best Hit” (2017)— Last, but not least, I am watching “The Best Hit.” This show about a 90’s pop star who travels to the future is hilarious. It is probably even funnier than “My Sassy Girl.” The episodes are shorter than most K-Dramas, less than 45 minutes long. This is the only one of all the dramas I’m watching that I have watched all of the currently available episodes. I kind of need more now, but the next episodes aren’t available until Friday. #whyyy? #needthemnowdramfever

If you like comedy, you should try this series. I think episode one was probably the slowest of the available episodes, so be sure not to judge the show by just watching one episode, okay? Okay. πŸ˜€


What Dramas Are You Watching? Please share.


13 thoughts on “Drama Wednesday (11) — What I’m Watching

  1. I think it might be getting close enough to all the episodes of Circle being out for me to start… It looks so good!
    Yesterday I just finished watching “Vivid Romance/Full of Life” which is a shorter drama from the three colors collection. (They’re each only about 3 hrs long). I think I liked “Universe’s Star” better, but this one was cute and I really enjoyed it! I plan on checking out the third/last story in the collection at some point.

    Side note: Just so you know, I look forward to these posts every week! ❀

    1. Joni. YOU MUST WATCH IT! It is awwwesome. More intense than most dramas I have watched, but I kind of like that. It is different. It is kind of sad that it is almost over, but the shortness probably is what makes it feel full of so much, instead of it having filler scenes to pass the time.

      Aww, thank you, my dear friend. They are not my most popular posts all the time, but it is still fun to share. πŸ’—

    1. Oh, “Queen of Seven Days” looks like a good one. I hope to try it sometime this summer. πŸ˜€ Hope you are enjoying all of the dramas you are watching, Abby.

      1. Yeap, I’m enjoying every drama that I’m watching. I hope you too. 😊

  2. I’m watching My Sassy Girl, (yeah, that Joo Won is where I grabbed the name from. He’s my sisters favorite) Ruler: Master of the Mask, Suspicious Partner, and K2.

    1. Lol, it is a good name. πŸ˜€
      I have been eyeing “Suspicious Partner,” and think it is one of the many dramas I want to try next. I have also seen positive stuff about “K2” and “Master of the Mask.”

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