Drama Wednesday (12): “Circle: Two Worlds Connected” Review

The following post may include some fangirl screaming. Readers are cautioned to continue only if they can can handle such a reaction:





You guys. YOU GUYS! Oh wow, this drama. THIS DRAMA!

I saw this drama listed a little over a month ago. It looked so cool, and I decided that I needed wanted to watch it. I mean, alien? Futuristic world that is divided into two parts? Not really hard to say no.  So here are my (more coherent) thoughts on this drama after having finished this drama this morning (we’re talking midnight, people.).

What I Liked:


The surprise factor was just about the best I’ve seen in a K-Drama. I mean, I would think I know what was going on, but then BAM! Turned out that I did not know everything. Even when the series was coming to a close in the last episodes, and it seemed like there could not possibly be any more surprises, another one hit me like an awesome dart.

The  execution of the overall story line seemed so unique in the K-Drama Universe, and I loved it to bits. The whole idea of having two stories being told in most of the episodes, one containing either the past or present, and the other taking place twenty years in the future? It might sound confusing, but it was not. In fact, it just made the surprise factor all the better.


The brother relationship between Woo Jin and Bum Gyun. I eventually had tears falling from under my eyeballs because of them, ya’ll. They’re just so cute, and it is sad how their lives kept parting them.

This story was not just anther romance. I love romantic comedy K-dramas, but this drama was a breath of fresh air in the romance area. It does not contain all of the usual tropes that are on the Korean Drama Check List. There isn’t even a kiss between anyone. Yet I’m okay with it because the romances were just so perfectly light, blended in to give an extra bit of heart to the tale.

A nice amount of humor. This is a serious drama for the most part, containing some pretty heavy stuff. Yet there was some funny moments to off set the bleakness of the story.

What I Wasn’t So Fond Of:


*thinks some more…*

  Um, the fact that there was some swearing used in the subtitles?  Other than that, honestly, the story was just so epic that I do not have any major dislikes. Except, maybe the ending, which left an opening for more to happen. *hopes there will be more* Please? Thank you.

So, are you looking for a new drama? Good, stop this instant and go check out “Circle: Two Worlds Connected.” Now. Go. Bal-lee! (quickly!)


Now for me to go and try and not be in a watching slump…. *I can do this*


9 thoughts on “Drama Wednesday (12): “Circle: Two Worlds Connected” Review

  1. This one has been on my list since it was announced. My fave dramas are those that have either scifi of fantasy elements because they add that extra little spice to things. 🙂

    1. You NEED to watch it asap. It is sooo good!
      I haven’t watched as many sci-fi and fantasy as I have contemporary, but only because there does not seem to be as many of them as there are contemporary. I’d love it if there were more dramas like “Gu Family Book, and “Circle,” of course.

  2. Bekah! I’m so sorry that I deleted your comment! It was an accident. 😦

    Anyways, I did not know you liked K-Dramas! This is one of my new favorites. I hope you’ll enjoy it. 😀

      1. I can’t say because I have not seen “W,” lol. (Need to, though).
        However, from what I’ve seen of “W,” that one actually has another world, while this one just tells the story of our world in different times (half of the episode shows the past/present, and the other half shows the future), and everything connects. It’s really awesome! 😀

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