Guest Post by “Ending Fear” Author, Deanna Fugett

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming author, Deanna Fugett, to my blog. She’s sharing a guest post. First, below is a blurb for her book, “Ending Fear.”

Teenage girl portrait


Fourteen-year-old Fear learns she was a parachute baby, dumped over the edge of the
Gliding Lands as an infant. Running from her abusive Downer family, Fear discovers a new
family—one who knows how to love. But then her new little sister is kidnapped and sold to
a harem. Fear must go against her namesake and journey to the dreaded Gliding Lands
before the little girl’s innocence is ripped from her forever. Can she save Happy in time?

Deanna’s Post:

  I wrote Ending Fear to touch on societal issues as well as write a dystopian infused with hope.

Not matter how dark the story gets or how lost the characters are, there’s always this underlying hope that gets them through. A hope that they can feel. One that drives them to push themselves past their boundaries, because they know in the end, they’ll be okay.

Fear starts off as a scared, angry teen girl. Throughout the story I hope you find her transformation real and authentic. I hope you see her struggles and feel her pain. And that you feel her victories too. That you root for her and get excited when you see her grow.

In Ending Fear I want people to see the issues we have already going on in the world magnified. To see the truth, for what it really looks like. To see how bad things can get if we continue on the path we’re currently on. I hope the characters show how it feels to live in a society void of caring. Void of morality and genuine goodness.

Folks, this is nothing new. We’re already living in a world full of pain and anguish. We can be so much better. We can do so much more for one another.

We can love.

Maybe you’re one of these folks who lives in a happy bubble. Surrounded by happy things, eating your happy food, going along your happy business, and you simply don’t experience the same heartache and pain that most of the world around you is going through. I challenge you to look beyond your comfort zone and reach out.

Reach out to the lost, the angry, the hurting. Share some of that happiness you have within you, with them. They need it. They need you. Don’t hog all that happiness to yourself.

Ending Fear asks the question: “What can you do if you put aside your fears and be brave?” Is there so much more you could accomplish in life? So much more you could give to others?

But, you ask, what if sharing my happiness with unhappy people makes me unhappy too? I won’t lie. It might. That’s a risk you need to be willing to take. But you know what? It will make you ten times stronger, and past that uncomfortable feeling you may get initially, is a wealth of worth. Work your way through that refining fire, coming out the other end shiny and beautiful and something brand new. Get molded into all you can be.

It doesn’t come from hiding under a rock. It comes from reaching out and grasping onto all that life has to offer. Friendship, service and love.

 “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” ~1 Corinthians 13:13

My goal in writing Ending Fear was to help open eyes. To challenge some of the dangerous norms we’ve come to accept. To get people talking, thinking, and discussing the world around them.

Stop holing yourselves up in your homes and get out, be brave and touch someone else’s life. There is so much we can each do as individuals to impact others for positivity. Let’s start with the person beside you.

Go on. Give them a hug.

See? That wasn’t so scary, was it?

Now take that feeling of when you hugged them and spread it to everyone else you meet today. You might find that it could change your life.

I sincerely hope Ending Fear pulls at something deep inside of you. I hope the characters resonate with you, and you find one you can connect with. I hope it challenges you, strengthens your resolve, and ultimately, leaves you feeling brave.

About The Author:


Deanna Fugett’s heart belongs to writing. Author of edgy YA Dystopian fiction with an
underlying message of hope, this stay-at-home mom of four focuses on writing as much as
humanly possible. She was published at the young age of six in a local newspaper and is
excited to be published again. It only took twenty-six years. She enjoys the thrill of writing
fiction that deals with intense topics and prays it will impact people for the better. Visit to learn more about her.

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