Drama Wednesday (16): July 2017 Overview & August Watch List

Dramas I Finished Watching:


“Chicago Type Writer” (2017)— SO good. If you’re looking for a Korean drama that isn’t the usual historical, has a bit of fantasy, and writing/bookish elements, you might want to try this one. (Click Here to Read My Longer Thoughts on It).

“Sweet Stranger and Me”  (2016)— This cute drama was fun. Not the best thing ever, but not bad. I think it suffered for me partly due to my watching it along with some dramas that were really awesome for me.

“The Best Hit” (2017)— THIS DRAMA. *all the hearts* This is probably my favorite of the three dramas I finished watching this month. It just has such a fun feel to it, with an interesting story line, awesome characters, and a unique humorous aura. If you have not watched this one, what are you waiting for? Go now.

Movies I Finished Watching This Month:


“Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost (2012)— This was not a bad movie, but it wasn’t my personal favorite. You can read my expanded thoughts on it by clicking here.


“Miss Granny” (2014)— This film about an old woman becoming young again was fun, though perhaps it would have been better if not for its crude humor moments. I enjoyed the ending, though. FINALLY, a Korean film with an ending that did not leave me feeling weird. Hope to try the Chinese version this month and compare the two.


“Train to Busan” (2016)— Okay, so this movie is a zombie survival film, and the best Korean film I’ve watched so far. Yeah, it was freaky and gory in parts of it. I mean, the zombies in this film don’t just come after you in a walking pace. No, they can R-U-N. My heart was pounding during parts of this film, lol. Anyways, I had some issues with it—mainly I feel like the ending could of had a little more of a conclusion than it had—but, overall, it was an interesting train ride. ( One I hope I will never  truly experience. o_O ) Also, for a zombie film, it had enough heart to make me have some feels when…*bleeps spoilers*

August Watch List:


“My Sassy Girl” (2017) (Only Two Episodes Left)



“Missing Nine” (2017)



“Duel” (2017)



“General and I” (2017) (Hope to finish this one.)


4 thoughts on “Drama Wednesday (16): July 2017 Overview & August Watch List

  1. I just finished The Best Hit last night (well, early this morning. 😉 ) and YES! Ohmygoodness, all the feelings in those last episodes!

    1. I know! I was happy how it ended for the most part, but I want more. It was such a fun time, and is definitely a new favorite for me. 😀

  2. GAH!!!!! These posts always get my feeling going! 😉
    “The Best Hit” needs to hurry up and release it’s episodes for free viewing! Now!
    I loved “Miss Granny”! So fun.
    But I can’t believe you watched “Train to Busan”!!! O.O I tried. I only made it to when the stewardess is hanging on the back of some other person and then I was getting up from the couch, leaving my parents too it, saying “Nope. Nope. Can’t do it.” 😂 Oh, you brave brave soul… *shivers* I’m getting creeped out just thinking about it.
    I’ll be curious to see what you think about “Missing Nine”! I liked it until something happens that changes the story up… We’ll see I guess if you see what I mean… 😉 Also, the ending left a little to be desired, I thought… But some of the elements were fun/entertaining in the drama!
    I don’t know much about “Duel” but I’ve been curious…

    1. 😉

      Yesss, I hope they make it free soon, too. You must watch it. 😵

      Hahaha, I had it downloaded on my Kindle and I started watching it in the car while my mom was in the store shopping on Sunday. I can see why you did not like it. It was freaky in parts. I was not as scared as I could have been, but zombies aren’t monsters that scare me as long as they are on screen. 😉 Still, at times, it did make my heart pound.

      I remember you mentioning something about “Missing Nine” and how the story took a turn. You have me curious.

      It looks like an interesting drama. After enjoying “Circle: Two Worlds Connected,” I would like to try someone action and sci-fi action dramas. I hope it is a good one.

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