Drama Wednesday (18): “Missing Nine” (2017) Drama Thoughts

Over the weekend and the beginning of this week, I went on a short vacation with my family to the mountains. It was fun, save for my hyperventilating moments when we were on roads with mile high lookouts and NO GUARDRAILS. What even, road makers? Put up some guardrails, sheesh. 😛

Anyways, I did not fall off any mountains, and, thankfully, for my trip I rode in a car and was nowhere near an island in the middle of an ocean, so there was no danger of my being stranded on an island after being in a plane crash like the characters in the drama I’m discussing today, “Missing Nine.”



So, this drama is basically about some survivors of a plane crash who end up on a deserted island, and the circumstances that occur during and after it. My thoughts…

What I Liked:


The male lead. The male lead (Jung Kyung Ho) really made this drama for me. He was one of those characters who was funny in the way that he joked around with the female lead, and how he acted calm and unconcerned when facing some of the bad situations he was in. I plan to see if any other dramas he is in interest me, because he impressed me in this one.

The show had parts that were emotionally stirring, in that I wanted to know how things would end up, or a character wold face a nail-biting worrisome situation that had my gaze glued to the screen or feeling kind of anxious.


The closeness developed between some of the plane wreck’s survivors. Yeah, some of them had their moments where they betrayed each other, but, overall, the friendship they knit became powerful enough to overcome some strenuous situations.

Parts with playfulness. This drama had some intense situations, and it could really have been a mood downer if the writers had not added some levity by including comicalness to it. I have seen that it was thought to be overdone, and perhaps if you are looking for a straight-up thriller, the comedic parts would seem out of place. I, however, enjoy a laugh when I’m watching my dramas, and did not much mind this drama’s funnies (though, I discuss below the part of the humor that I did not really enjoy.).

What I Was Not So Fond Of:

Okay, the ending was a bit of a crickets chirping kind of thing. Like, it was not a horrible ending. It was just somewhat too fast and some of it did not make sense. It was happy, and I did like how the ending showed the characters being forgiving toward one character, but, still, the some stuff needed to be explained. Could have used another episode. This picture from Dramafever explains the feeling after finishing this series:


While not a huge problem for me personally, I do think this drama suffered from its lack of mood consistency. It’s like a survival story turned thriller turned kind of a comedy. I liked the funny parts, but all the mood jumps just overall made this drama feel uneven. :-/

Did I like this drama? Yes. Did I love it? Eh, parts of it. However, as a whole it was not as good as it could have been… I did like that its plane crash plot was unique from many dramas I have seen, though, and, of course, I liked the above stuff I mentioned. If I was to rate it, I’d give it a solid four our of five.

Also, just want to say that I still prefer DK’s “Flight 29 Down” when it comes to Island survival shows. 😉


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