Drama Wednesday (20): “Bride of the Water God” Drama Thoughts

Hello readers! I know, long time no post. (Like, it has been a month and a day!) However, today I am back. Hopefully, it won’t be so long until my next post. 🙂

Today I am here to talk some about the 2017 Korean Drama, “Bride of the Water God.”  When I saw the beautiful imagery, and the fact that the male lead was played by Nam Joo Hyuk (One of my fave actors from “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo”), I knew I had to watch this. (Yes, as in, I had little choice. My brain would not let me not watch it o_O)

So, this drama is about Habaek, a Water God who must go to earth to get the god stones so he can finally be king (The stones have been left in the care of three gods who live in the human world). Once he comes here, though, he loses his godly powers and his map to find the gods with stones (Oops). Because of this, he soon decides to elicit the help of the god servant…

The servant, however, had no idea that she was a god servant, and, as a psychiatrist, she thinks Habaek is a mentally ill man… but not for long.



What I Liked:

More comedic than expected. Okay, the promotional images are beautiful, and lend a serious atmosphere. I thought that said images meant this drama would be more melo-dramatic, but nope. It was actually quite funny. Not always funny—there are some pretty sad times in it—but there was enough humor to make me smile many times. So no, don’t go into this expecting to be rolling in a tide of melo-dramatic-waves. You’ll be splashed with humor on many occasions.

WaterGod06-00519 (1)

The large cast of characters. I love large casts. It helps me stay more engaged (due to a brain that has a hard time concentrating of late :-P). Everyone in this drama did a fantastic job with their roles, whether big or small. The antagonist’s role really shone for me, even more so than Habaek (The Water God). And the side characters became like friends. Kind of sad that there is no more of them. :,-(

The ending of a story plot surprised me. I like an ending where I did not see it coming. Where the truth of a secret makes me get that “Oh my gosh…” feeling. I won’t say what it was exactly, but boy, the FEELS. THE FEELS!

What little fantasy was in it was pretty cool. I wished there was more, but what was in there was awesome.

What I Was Not So Fond Of:


I think this drama has one big flaw for me, and that is that there is not enough fantasy elements. I mean, there are fantasy parts, but there needed to be more. There were moments where it felt more like a contemporary rom-com than the fantasy portal I wish it was. 😦

Overall, I enjoyed this drama. I suppose it is a new favorite, but not a favorite favorite. More of a “It’s good, yes, and I like it. But it could have been better.”


12 thoughts on “Drama Wednesday (20): “Bride of the Water God” Drama Thoughts

  1. Ive been dying to watch Bride of the Water God for ages! Its really famous here in the Philippines I feel like Im thr only person in this country that hasnt watched this drama yet. Hahaha. Glad I read your post!😀

    1. I have a friend who also wishes to watch it, but has not. That is so cool that it is popular in your country. If I mentioned it around where I live, I don’t think anyone would know what I was talking about, haha. I hope you can watch it soon!

      Thank you for reading! 😀

      1. Ooh haha. Koreans and Filipinos are kind of bffs in some way. 😂

        Where are you from? I supose youre not asian, right? This is really cool too that you watch Kdramas! I really panic whenever I come across someone online who watches Kdramas. 😀

        Youre welcome, Grace!

      2. That is cool. 😀

        No, I’m not Asian. I am from the U.S., North Carolina. K-Dramas and Chinese dramas are what I watch the most. I know more about current K-Dramas than American dramas, lol.

        I, too, get excited when I meet other Kdrama fans. I have never met one near where I live. My best friend lives far away, so I don’t have anyone to often talk about them.


      3. Ive been a fan of American dramas since the beginning but I switched to Kdramas this year.

        Oooh! Same! We can fangirl if you want! Aaaah! ❤ My bestfriend lives far away too but when we see each other she gives me copies of different Kdramas. I really cant live without her! Haha. Kdrama is life.

      4. Haha. I have been into Korean Dramas a little over three years now. My friend introduced me to them, and they led me to Chinese dramas… So yeah. I watch very little American t.v. Mostly just movies from my country. There are too many good looking dramas to spend time on my country’s shows, lol. 😂

        Yes! Always fun to fangirl with others online! What are your favorite k dramas? I have a slight obsession with Boys Over Flowers. 😀

      5. Ohh thats nice! I havent tried watching Chinese dramas. Hehehe.

        My favorites are Goblin, Weightlifting Fairy, School 2015, School 2017, Oh my Venus and the reality show We Got Married. How bout you? Omg hahaha

        Whos your oppa/bias? 😋😁

      6. I will say that while I like Korean Dramas the best, Chinese dramas are a close second. I am currently what thing “The King’s Woman.” Sooo good. 😃

        And the Korean drama I am watching is “Strongest Delivery Man.”

        Are you watching any dramas now?

        My favorites are Boys Over Flowers, Master’s Sun, Flower Boys Next Door, Gu Family Book, Chicago Typewriter, Heartstrings, and The Miracle. I have only seen some episodes of “Oh My Venus” and “Weightlifting Fairy.” I want to continue watching them one of these days… So many to watch. 😲
        I really want to watch “Goblin.” It has such high praise.

        I think Yoon Si Yoon, Lee Min Ho, and Lee Joon Ki are my favorites. 💜 Who are yours?

    1. Thanks!

      I think it is worth a try. It is not perfect, but enjoyable. Just wish there was more fantasy in it. I would love to seen more of the world Habaek comes from.

    1. Oh Joni, I wish they would hurry up for you, too. Seems like it takes longer than it used to. 😑

      I read your email and decided to start again. Don’t want to disappoint my biggest blogging fan, haha. 😉

      Yes, it is lovely getting to fangirl with you a bit. 😄

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