“Many Sparrows” by Lori Benton—Book Review.


Some stories blow your mind the moment you start reading it. Others catch your attention, sweeping you away with a simpler, yet pleasant, journey that leaves you feeling just as amazed by the end.

This is the case for Lori Benton’s newest book, “Many Sparrows.”

The story is about a woman, Clare, whose husband is killed. And then her son is kidnapped…while she is giving birth to her second child in the wilderness! Yeah, lots of unfavorable circumstances, but she is a determined woman. Eliciting the help of a man who takes messages from colonists to the Native Americans, she ventures out to find her son, and learns some lessons on the journey.

Lori Benton wrote AMAZING characters in this book. They are so real, and their stories fascinating. Not the heart pounding kind of interesting, but more of the heart touching kind. It was lovely seeing the growth of Clare. She went through some difficult times, but came out stronger than ever despite not everything going her way. Her story of learning that God is in control was powerful.

Another thing I really like about this book is that it is a historical that transports me into the past with bits of awesome world building. I really feel like I went to eighteenth century America, lived in an Indian village, and traveled some old trails, too. I admit the parts with farming were meh for me, but they were never overdone to the point where I was excruciatingly bored. 😄

I also liked that there was a bit of  guessing element when it came to some characters and their pasts. Two I never fully learned, but they are supposed to be in another book (which I just happen to have), and I am looking forward to reading it.

No, “Many Sparrows” is not a book I set a record of turning pages, but it was still good. The whole thing is just a bundle of historical delight, and one I doubt I will forget. If you like a good historical with some faith elements, then give his books a try ASAP. I give it a rating of five.

Book Review Ratings:

5. Great Book!

4. I  liked it!

3. Okay.

2. Did not like it.

1. Did not finish.


*Thanks to the Blogging for Books program for a free ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review.


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