Drama Wednesday (21): November Watch-List Ramble.

Yes, I am aware that it has been over a month since I posted a Drama Wednesday post. Devastatingly sad, I know. 😭 However, I hit a drama watching slump in the month of October. That’s right. Hundreds of shows to watch and me just watching YouTube… However, I feel the mood to get back into watching dramas this month, and these are the ones I hope to watch:


“Goblin” (2016)— This has got to be one of the most popular dramas released in the past couple of years. I have yet to see anyone, on blogs or comments, that has said they hate it. Also, my dearest friend loves it, and I see it on drama favorite lists even though it isn’t all that old… I have the DVD set, and I have decided to finally give it a try. I have high expectations for this drama, so I hope the hype of others does not let me down. (Pleassse be as good a drama as everyone makes you out to be, Goblin.)



“The King’s Woman” (2017)— I have been watching this Chinese drama and I really like it. It has all of the elements I like (court drama, surprise moments, romance…), and it is probably one of my new favorite dramas. I slacked off on watching it last month, but I hope to finish it this month. πŸ˜€


“Temperature of Love” (2017)—- I love it when a drama has characters that write (since I consider myself a writer), and this one stars a female lead who wants to be a screenwriter. She meets a guy online in a group chat with her friends, and then she ends up meeting him in real life where romance is not always as perfectly smooth as they can make it seem on the screen. I like it so far. It has shorter episodes, which I find nice. The characters are all awesome so far, and it has had some funny moments. It is currently airing and is scheduled to have forty episodes, so I don’t think I will finish it this month due to the episodes not being available… Oh well.


What are some dramas you are watching? How do you get out of drama watching slumps?


6 thoughts on “Drama Wednesday (21): November Watch-List Ramble.

  1. I’m not liking the second male lead, CEO Park, in Temperature of Love. But I love that the female lead is a writer, same reason you stated. Plus I’m rooting for her and Chef Ohn, because thier age difference is approximately the same as me and my sweetheart. πŸ™‚

    1. It makes dramas a little easier on the heart when I don’t develop positive feelings for the second male lead. It makes me so sad when the second is left behind…
      Yes about a female lead being a writer! I liked how Chicago Typewriter had a male lead who wrote, so it is awesome to find a drama with a woman writer.
      That is so cool about their age difference being the same for you as for the leading couple. I imagine that would give you incentive to cheer even harder for them. πŸ™‚

    GOBLIN!!! So many feelings….
    I’ve wanted to watch “Temperature of Love” too! But it’s not all out- not all available so… I wait.
    And I’m still waiting for “Bride of the water god”! -.-
    Currently I’m giving “Into the world again” a try. We’ll see…

    I’m realizing this comment is kind of ridiculous. haha…
    ^^ You know I love these posts, Grace!

    1. I am enjoying Goblin so far. It is different, but a positive different. I have a feeling it will bring out the feels for me, too.

      “Temperature of Love” is also pretty good. It is mostly light hearted, which is something my heart needs these days with stress and life worries. I also like dramas that deal with chef’s. It is kind of weird… but something I notice I enjoy. Lol

      It still hasn’t fully released yet??? What even, dramafever?

      The comment is not ridiculous. I love it. πŸ˜€

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