Drama Wednesday (7): “Radiant Office” Thoughts

I’ll just start with saying…



I LOVED this drama. Which is not what seems to be the popular opinion, but who cares? Whatever to those who did not like this drama (except to you, my BFF 😉 ), because this one was a winner for me.

So, to give you a little overview, this drama is about a 28 year old woman who has not had much luck in life. She lost her dad, has had many interviews with no success in procuring a position, and when she thinks she is going to get a position (because who fails 100 times?), she is turned down again. Then, through a series of events, she finds out that she might have only 6 months to live.

Yeah, kind of depressing. But trust me, this drama is full of smiles.

What I Liked:

I loved the friendship that developed between the female lead and the two guys she met at the hospital. They have their relational bumps, but overall they’re stinking squad goals. (No, they do not develop romantic attachments to each other)

Oh, the feels this scene brings, ya’ll. The FEELS.


The life issues that this drama portrays were relate-able even though the characters live in a place much different than where I live. This series is, to me, for those who have been through hard times. For those who are struggling and feel like they’re at the bottom of life’s blessings. I just related to the struggles of some of the characters (like my squad shown in photo above). Depression because of life’s sad turns, suicidal thoughts caused by wanting the pain to end, dealing with finding a job (something I was going through when I started watching), and learning to be more responsible… these things are touched upon in the plot, and it attached my heart to this drama. Yet, as sad as this was, the show shows a gradual buildup of happiness that life brings in these areas, especially if we keep going.

No insta-love between leads- Thank you, Radiant Office. I think this may be one reason I’ve read that others find this show boring, but I do not think this was a bad thing. The romance element was portrayed in a way that it wasn’t the  focal part of the story, and that was a nice take. Besides, some of the side characters have their own romantic drama to help tide over waiting for…well, I won’t say anymore. #causethatwouldbemajorspoiling


The characters. They were all flawed, yet lovable. Their imperfections made them all the more real, and I miss even characters who (most of the time) were pretty much jerks because they were even shown to have some endearing qualities.

Things I Wasn’t So Fond Of:

There were some slow parts, but not enough to ruin the overall show for me.

The ending left me a bit hanging. Most dramas do, which is the reason I have a hard time moving on to new dramas and therefore re-watch the drama I can’t get enough of.


*sighs happily*

Overall, I still get a warm feeling when I think on this drama even though its been some days since I completed it. I think the heart of this drama, the reason it touched me so much, is summed up pretty well in this quote from the series when one of the characters reflects on what they learned:

“I learned how special everyday is.”

Drama Wednesday (4): Favorite Dramas-Part One

Today I thought I’d share what are some of my favorite dramas in a two part post.

“Gu Family Book”


This is the drama that got me into Korean dramas, which eventually led to me trying dramas from other Asian countries. Anywho, “Gu Family Book” (chosen at random from a list my friend sent me) grabbed a hold of me more than I could have imagined. Yeah, the ending stinketh. Like, really, it has been years since I first watched it, and I still think they should have made a sequel (which I doubt will ever happen *tears*).

“Flower Boys Next Door”


“Flower Boys Next Door” is my number two drama. I found it relate-able in so many ways, and still do. The story follows a young woman who almost never leaves her apartment because she has suffered from some bullying, and she feels safest in her little home where she edits books for a living. She’s made a habit of watching her next door neighbor with a pair of binoculars, harboring a secret crush. It is when she is spying one day that she is caught by Enrique, a game maker genius who finds her hermit-like ways a challenge to beat. Such a lovely drama, and one I’ve watched more than once. 😀

“Boys Over Flowers”


“Boys Over Flowers” is a very popular series, and probably my favorite Korean Drama. I watched the whole thing in like, four days. Maybe less. And then when it was over, I re-watched it.  I now own a DVD set of the series and my very own kissing star necklace, plus my friend sent me a BOF mug that I love to bits. And yes, I kind of want to go and watch it again as I post this. It is indeed the drama I have watched the most, and the one I love the most.

“Brilliant Legacy” a.k.a. “Shining Inheritance”


“Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy” caught my eye because it is said that, while being aired at the same time, it sometimes had higher ratings than “Boys Over Flowers” in Korea. Like, say what? I decided to watch it, and I found that this Cinderella type story actually was pretty good. So yes, now I’m glad I gave it a try. It’s not as popular as BOF is with the international viewers these days, BUT I can see how it could have garnered higher ratings from others. Yes, I admit that I personally like “Boys Over Flowers” better, but this one is also one of my favorites. If only the dvd sets of it were not so expensive.

“The Master’s Sun”


“The Master’s Sun” is part scary, part comedy. It’s about a girl who was seriously injured. When she woke up, she could see ghosts! The ghosts like to ask her to do things for them, or sometimes just talk, and the end result is that she gets little sleep because some of the ghosts are frightening or won’t stop bothering her until she does what they ask. One day she meets a guy who, when she touches him, the ghosts disappear… Another series I own on dvd, this one does have its freaky moments, but it also has its humorous and sweet times. I’m actually rewatching it at this time… *along with watching some other dramas. so many dramas, guys, so many.

Drama Wednesday (3): Thoughts on “Momo Salon” and “You’re My Vampire.”

This week for Drama Wednesday, I have some thoughts on some smaller Korean works:

“Momo Salon”


“Momo Salon” is a Korean mini series about a girl who opens up her own salon shop. I found it available to download on Amazon prime, and since I have time at my job (assistant to an elderly lady) where I can watch a little something, I thought this would be a nice, quick choice. It’s only six episodes, and each episode is less than ten minutes long. It was quick, somewhat quirky, and mixed with some sweet points. Honestly, it wasn’t the best mini drama I watched, but it wasn’t horrible. I’d recommend it if you just want some fast fluff. Also, it might make you want to change your hair.


“You’re My Vampire”


“You’re My Vampire” had such potential. It’s a Korean film about a writer who thinks her new neighbor is a vampire. Sounds cool, yes? Sadly, I discussed this drama with my friend over the phone, and the one word that popped up to describe it was weird. This is the first Korean film that I have finished. Again, it was another one I downloaded from Amazon prime. As a writer, I thought this one looked good. Yet it was weird (there goes the word again). While some of it was humorous, it, over all, just had a weird strange atmosphere. The ending left me all kinds of confused, and it just… yeah, not a favorite.



Have a favorite mini series or film to recommend? Please share. 😀

Drama Wednesday (2): Ice Fantasy: Chinese Drama Thoughts

Today for Drama Wednesday (A day where I mostly post about Asian dramas I’m watching/watched), I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on the Chinese Drama, “Ice Fantasy,” which I recently (sadly) finished.

Ice-Fantasy-Poster-Feature-Image (1)


The Fire and Ice Clans haven’t been on good terms. When the Fire Clan ends up destroying the ice wall that protects the Ice Clan from invasion, the two remaining ice princes escape capture and go on a journey to find the Ice Crystals, given to other clans to be kept safe, so they can repair the wall and defeat the Fire Tribe. But there’s more problems going on… Set in an amazing fantasy world, this drama follows adventures of two brothers who care for each other despite all the harsh circumstances that keep ripping them apart.

What I Liked:

Oh, where to begin? My heart just races thinking about this drama. Though it took a few episode to grow on me, I ended up loving this series. Like…

The characters. Oh, as much as I love Korean Dramas, I’ve always been fond of stories that have lots of characters, and these Chinese dramas certainly have an abundance of characters. Yet, though there are so many characters (They’re gradually introduced, so don’t worry about being character bombarded to the point of confusion), each one is just so lovable. Well, the protagonists are… Well, even some of the antagonists have their likable points. Sheesh, some of them even cross sides and you end up A. Still liking them even though they’ve taken a wrong turn or B. Learn to like them when they join the side you’re cheering for.

The world building is also pretty amazing, and many of the characters represent the different peoples. There’s the Ice Clan, Fire Clan, Spirit Clan, Healer Clan, Bear Clan, Dream Clan, and, yes, even a Mermaid Clan. (*loves Mermaids*) Then there are mortals, Kingdom Guardians, plus some other random creatures who inhabit the world. It was just all, so. awesome! Especially when the ice princes (either together or by themsleves) start venturing into all of these clans. The time and dedication the makers of this drama put into creating this world is evident. I wish it was real, though. 😛

The music is also lovely. Music can add just that flair that gives you the compete feeling, and this drama has some nice background songs.

Not So Fond Of:

There was so much to like about this series, as you can read above. but it still wasn’t absolutely perfect for me.

First, it the graphics aren’t so great, and they take time to get used to. However, I was not bothered by the CGI for long.

Secondly, it took me a few episodes to get into it. With learning the world, the not so fast pace of the  beginning story, it took time for this show to be one where I was eagerly clicking next episode as soon a I finished an episode.

Third, there were a few romance scenes that were a bit much for my taste.


So yeah, I liked this series. It was the first Chinese drama that I’ve finished, and I’m looking forward to trying more. Especially Wuxia dramas… Not to mention the Ice Fantasy sequel, Ice Fantasy: Destiny.

Now I’m off to watch “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms.” Here’s one last  picture of one the Ice Princes that amused me:


Drama Wednesday (1)

I have this thing for Asian Dramas. It started almost three years ago when I started writing to my very dear friend, Joni (*waves at dear friend*), and she said she liked to watch Korean Dramas. Though I was not sure how anyone could possibly enjoy watching a show where you had to use subtitles to know what everyone is saying, I thought I’d ask her for a list of Dramas she liked. Long story short, a few months later I decided to try one, and it turned me into a monstrous fan-girl lover of Asian shows. So where once I was not sure if I could like them, they are now some of my favorite things to watch.

So, seeing that I like Asian dramas, I thought it would be fun to sometimes come on here and discuss what I’m watching, how I’m liking it… Basically bombarding you with a fandom I share with no one in real life. Perhaps throwing in some western dramas when I feel like it…and am, you know, actually watching a Western set drama. (Btw, by Western, I mean non-Asian, not cowboys.)


The first one I’m watching is “General and I,” a Chinese historical drama about a general and a maid who are in love, but are from two enemy regions. I think what I like most about this drama is how it sort of reminds me of  “The Winner’s Curse” series by Marie Rutoski. The maid is a skilled battle strategist, and it is interesting watching her as she does things that seem reckless, but turn out to be winning maneuvers for her and her people. Yay for wit battles! Other things I like are the pretty costumes, and the battle scenes are pretty engaging. I’m on episode 11, and so far I’m really liking it!



“Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” is a fantasy about a girl who falls in love with a god, and ends up forgetting about him. I’m sure there’s more to it, but that seems to be the main selling line. I decided to give it a try because it is apparently pretty popular, and, after watching “Ice Fantasy” and suffering from some Chinese Fantasy withdrawal, maybe it will help. I’ve only seen one episode, but it is interesting with lots of pretty colors and plot twists. Plus, there’s a Chinese version of a Ghumio, and I love me some Ghumio characters. 😀


Finally, I’m watching the currently airing K-Drama, “Radiant Office.” This show follows a young woman who has finally found a job after trying over 100 times. However, she’s also found out that she’s dying and has only six months. This one is a comedy mixed with some more serious elements. I like how the heroine has such a vivid imagination, showing what she wants to do versus what she really does. Relate-able, this is. It’s also cool how she’s determined to keep going for as long as she has left. I’m not sure how this drama will end, but it has potential for making me cry, just saying.