Drama Wednesday (13): Watching/Hope to Watch in July

Guys, it’s July. Which is awesome because, one, that means less than six months until Christmas time (my favorite time of the year), and, two, my birthday comes at the end of the month.

Anyways, enough ramble ramble. Today I want to share the dramas I’m currently watching and hoping to watch this July:

Currently Watching:


“Chicago Typewriter” (2017): I first saw this advertised when it was airing and knew I’d like to try it because it looked different. A mix of writing and the 1930’s? *happy melts* My friend recently watched and enjoyed, and so I’ve decided to give it a try.

So far it has been pretty interesting. As a book reader and an author, I appreciate all of the bookish elements. There seems to be more creepiness than I thought it would have, but that just makes it all the more exciting. Interested to see what happens next. I’m currently on episode 3.


“The Best Hit” (2017), “My Sassy Girl (2017),” and “Sweet Stranger and Me” (2016). Yes, I’m still watching these. Two are still airing, and the other… Well, let’s just say I’ve been in a watching slump after finishing “Circle: Two Worlds Connected.” I’m pathetic.


To Watch:


“Bride of the Water God” (2017): This drama just started airing, so I might wait to start this one at the end of the month. Unless I cave because the promotional images lead me on a path of destruction to watching another drama that I have to wait awhile before I can watch all of its episodes. (Note: K-Dramas love to end in cliff-hangers.)


“The Starry Night, The Starry Sea” (2017): This is a Chinese drama that I’ve been wanting to watch for awhile. I enjoyed the first episode awhile back, and would like to continue with the series (plus some other Chinese dramas I want to finish.) This one just looks like the perfect kind of summer drama. Contemporary fantasy with a merman? Yesss. ❤

How about you? What are some dramas you are watching/hope to watch? Feel free to share, even if they’re not Asian. 😉

Drama Wednesday (12): “Circle: Two Worlds Connected” Review

The following post may include some fangirl screaming. Readers are cautioned to continue only if they can can handle such a reaction:





You guys. YOU GUYS! Oh wow, this drama. THIS DRAMA!

I saw this drama listed a little over a month ago. It looked so cool, and I decided that I needed wanted to watch it. I mean, alien? Futuristic world that is divided into two parts? Not really hard to say no.  So here are my (more coherent) thoughts on this drama after having finished this drama this morning (we’re talking midnight, people.).

What I Liked:


The surprise factor was just about the best I’ve seen in a K-Drama. I mean, I would think I know what was going on, but then BAM! Turned out that I did not know everything. Even when the series was coming to a close in the last episodes, and it seemed like there could not possibly be any more surprises, another one hit me like an awesome dart.

The  execution of the overall story line seemed so unique in the K-Drama Universe, and I loved it to bits. The whole idea of having two stories being told in most of the episodes, one containing either the past or present, and the other taking place twenty years in the future? It might sound confusing, but it was not. In fact, it just made the surprise factor all the better.


The brother relationship between Woo Jin and Bum Gyun. I eventually had tears falling from under my eyeballs because of them, ya’ll. They’re just so cute, and it is sad how their lives kept parting them.

This story was not just anther romance. I love romantic comedy K-dramas, but this drama was a breath of fresh air in the romance area. It does not contain all of the usual tropes that are on the Korean Drama Check List. There isn’t even a kiss between anyone. Yet I’m okay with it because the romances were just so perfectly light, blended in to give an extra bit of heart to the tale.

A nice amount of humor. This is a serious drama for the most part, containing some pretty heavy stuff. Yet there was some funny moments to off set the bleakness of the story.

What I Wasn’t So Fond Of:


*thinks some more…*

  Um, the fact that there was some swearing used in the subtitles?  Other than that, honestly, the story was just so epic that I do not have any major dislikes. Except, maybe the ending, which left an opening for more to happen. *hopes there will be more* Please? Thank you.

So, are you looking for a new drama? Good, stop this instant and go check out “Circle: Two Worlds Connected.” Now. Go. Bal-lee! (quickly!)


Now for me to go and try and not be in a watching slump…. *I can do this*

Drama Wednesday (11) — What I’m Watching

Today for Drama Wednesday, I’m sharing some stuff about dramas I’m watching.



“Circle: Two Worlds Connected” (2017)— Oh. my. Oh. my. OH MY! This drama. You guys, THIS DRAMA IS AWESOME!!! (+a gazillion more exclamation points)

I have not seen a drama quite like it. It’s a sci-fi tale that has an alien, a futuristic world with a “perfect” city, cool technology…. Yet the thing that just makes it so stinking amazing is the plot. Sooo good, ya’ll. I’m on episode 7, and I think they have up through episode 10 available on Dramafever . It’s supposed to only have 12 episodes, so I think the last two air next week. Which is bad, because if I finish what is available before then, I might suffer some show withdrawals. #thesearenotgood



“Sweet Stranger and Me” (2016)— This drama is one I’m taking my time getting through, though not because it is a bad drama. I like it thus far, but it sadly pales in comparison to some of the other dramas I’m watching at this time. However, it is enjoyable, and does make me smile. Also, can I just mention the theme song? I LOVE it. On episode 8.




“My Sassy Girl” (2017)— I was not too sure about this drama when I was first started watching it. It was funny, yes, but (for me) it was also sometimes confusing ,and maybe a little slow in parts of it.  However, I decided to push through the first episode and a half that had me questioning it, and I’m glad I did because it is turning out to be an entertaining show. A nice amount of funny mixed with some mystery and palace politics? Um, YES. I’ve made it to episode 7, but only eight episodes are currently available since this is a currently airing show.




“The Best Hit” (2017)— Last, but not least, I am watching “The Best Hit.” This show about a 90’s pop star who travels to the future is hilarious. It is probably even funnier than “My Sassy Girl.” The episodes are shorter than most K-Dramas, less than 45 minutes long. This is the only one of all the dramas I’m watching that I have watched all of the currently available episodes. I kind of need more now, but the next episodes aren’t available until Friday. #whyyy? #needthemnowdramfever

If you like comedy, you should try this series. I think episode one was probably the slowest of the available episodes, so be sure not to judge the show by just watching one episode, okay? Okay. 😀


What Dramas Are You Watching? Please share.

Drama Wednesday (10)— Korean…Books

I love books. I love Korean things. (Dramas. Music. ETC.) No big shock that I get rather excited when I find them combined. It’s like when you mix all of your favorite ice creams together and come up with a wondrous creation that exceeds the individual flavors. (Okay, so this is a rare thing, but imagine if it did work out?)

Today I thought I would share some  books that are either K-Drama/K-Pop themed, or  have Korean elements, that I hope to read soon. These books are ones I have found while wasting time browsing the internet. (No, I’ve not read/finished reading any of them, so I cannot recommend them. They just look like stuff I’d read and like.):


“K-Love” by Devon Atwood and Alice Cornwall— K-Love is one of my favorite radio stations, but this book is a YA about love that starts with a mother’s love of Korean Dramas. How? The mother sets her daughter up on a blind date with a Korean guy all because of her love for Korean dramas. *plans to buy soon*


“Kidnapped Idol,” “Undercover Fan,” and “Snowflake Kisses” by Jennie Bennet— This series of novellas looks so cute. They follow K-Pop stars, and I need them on my shelf right now.


“Eun and the Phantom,” “Foxtails,” and “Evangeline” by Erica Laurie— “Eun and the Phantom” is about a woodcutter’s daughter who falls in love with a man cursed to be a phantom. “Foxtails” takes place in regency England, but has Gumihos, which are Korean mythical creatures also known as nine-tailed-foxes. “Evangeline” is about a modern day American girl who is transported to a fantasy world that resembles a historical Korea.



“Hello, I Love You” by Katie M. Stout—Another K-Pop book, this is about a girl who falls in love with a K-Pop star. I’m sure there’s more to it, but that’s all I feel like sharing.


“To All The Boys I Loved Before,” “P.S. I Still Love You,” and “Always and Forever, Lara Jean” by Jenny Han— This series just looks like a fun contemporary. It’s about a half-Korean girl who writes letters to boys she has crushes on. These letters are not meant to be seen by the crushes, but someone sends them out. Not. good.



“Lady of Dreams” by W.R. Gingell— This book is another that takes place in a fantasy land that resembles Korea. The heroine is “Half Korean” and can spy on people through dreaming.


Do you have any suggestions for books that include Korean elements? Please share. 😀

Drama Wednesday (9): May 2017 Overview+What I’m Watching Now

Hello, Drama fans (and potential recruits to one of my favorite fandoms. #joinus). Today I have a little overview of the dramas I finished watching in May. While it is true I watched an episode here and there of other dramas, I just decided to focus on the one I did finish watching and am currently watching. (All right, I’m being lazy. In my defense, though, I’m tired. 😛 ) Anywho, here is today’s Drama Wednesday:

Korean Dramas I Finished Watching

  1.   “Lovely Love Lie” (2017)— This was a cute musical drama. Lots of sweet characters, and some nice little romances that may or may have made me smile in a most ridiculous fashion. Was it the best thing ever? No, but I liked it and think those who like music-based dramas will especially appreciate it. It also had a pretty decent ending that actually tied up most of the plot threads. Thank you, drama. That does not always happen.
  2.   “Radiant Office (2017)— This drama. Oh, how I loved it. You can read my full review for it by clicking here.
  3.   “The Scholar Who Walks The Night” (2015)—I tried this drama way back when it was first releasing, but stopped (I do that more than I ought). I finally got around to it again, though. Yes, it’s not a perfect drama, and I did have a few dislikes for it. However, there was a lot about it that I did like and I hope to write a full length review for it soon. I will go ahead and warn that it is a dark drama while the nicer characters are fighting to defeat the evil vampire.


Dramas I’m Watching: 


“The Best Hit” (2017)— This drama is about a 90’s pop star who time-travels to our time. As a 90’s child, I thought this sounded fun. Plus, it has one of my favorite actors, Yoon Si-Yoon.


So far it has been enjoyable, but I’ve only seen the first two episodes.



“Sweet Stranger and Me” (2016)— I’ve not seen much talk from others about this drama, but I’m glad I decided to try it because it amuses me. It’s about a woman who, after almost a year since her mother dies, finds out that she has a stepdad… a stepdad who is younger than her. o_O Sounds kind of weird, but it really is funny and (the more you learn what is going on) is not as awkward and odd as it might sound.

Also, I especially like seeing the guy who played the villain in “The Scholar Who Walks The Night” being a lot less frightening of an individual in this drama.


“My Sassy Girl” (2017)— Such pre-drama hype for this one. However, so far it has simply been all right for me. Funny at times, which is great, I suppose. I guess the pacing is a bit slow in spots, and in other spots I have no idea what is going on. The beginning had me all kinds of confused. 😛 Still, I’m willing to give it a chance for a little longer in case it turns out to be better at some point in the near future. #please


What dramas have you watched, or are watching? Have any thoughts on the ones above? Please share. 🙂

Drama Wednesday (8): My K-Drama DVD Collection

I have learned an important fact since delving into the world of Asian Dramas. What fact is this, you may ask?

ASIAN DRAMA DVD’s ARE EXPENSIVE. *faints from sadness*


I mean, maybe they are not expensive for everyone. For me, though, it takes some serious bargain hunting, and sometimes even financial sacrifice to buy them. (<—such dramatic wording.)  Now, I know there are places online where you can watch them, and that is where I do the majority of my watching. However, let’s be real. There are times when I go places and there is no internet. There are even horrendous times where the internet goes out at my house *cue horror music*. What do I do when such calamity falls?

*in comes the DVD*

While not very big, here is a peek into my collection of K-Drama Dvd’s (I have yet to buy any Chinese or Japanese dramas):


Dramas I Have Finished Watching:








Dramas I’ve not Fully Watched:





It’s a tiny collection, but I’m pleased with it. Even have some “emergency” new dramas just in case. 😉


What are some dramas you own, or would like to own? I know I have more I’d like to have.

Top Ten Tuesday: (Later) 2017 Anticpating Book Releases

I have not participated in a Top Ten Tuesday Post since starting this blog, but it is a meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where you share a list of stuff that they give you. This week I’m to share the Top Ten Book Releases that I’m anticipating for the later part of 2017.


“The Austen Escape” by Katherine Reay— This one is about a woman named Mary who goes to visit her friend in England. The friend loses her memory, thinks she is in regency England, and leaves Mary in charge of her house. Sounds like a fun read.


“Rebel Seoul” by Axie Oh”— This book is supposed to be like a Korean action drama, and so…yeah. *wants it now*


“Forest of a Thousand Laterns” by Julie C. Dao— This is a retelling of the Evil Queen in a Far Eastern setting. I love the title of this book so much.


“Hunting Prince Dracula” by Kerri Maniscalco— Currently listening to the first book in the series, “Stalking Jack the Ripper.” I’m enjoying it, and therefore anticipate this sequel.


“A Dangerous Legacy” by Elizabeth Camden— Elizabeth Camden. Need I say more? *excited she is having a second book release in 2017*


“Where We Belong” by Lynn Austin— I have not read a lot of Lynn Austin, but this one looks so unique in the Christian fiction genre.


“Exiles” by Jaye L. Knight— Still need to read book three, but I have a feeling I’ll enjoy this one. The cover is rather cool, too.


“A Name Unknown” by Roseanna M. White— I have been wanting to read this book before the cover was even released. I’m on the author’s street team (So be prepared to read and see a lot of this book in the near future.).


“Out of the Ordinary” by Jen Turano— If I want a funny book, Jen Turano is the author I know I can trust to make me smile. I’m glad she also has this second 2017 release.


“Renegades” by Marissa Meyer— I have known for sometime that Marissa Meyer was writing a super hero type story. I love her Lunar Chronicles series, and hope this one will be just as good.


“In 27 Days” by Alison Gervais— This book was originally a story on Wattpad. The story is about a girl who goes back in time to try and save the life of a guy who committed suicide. Sounds heartrendingly beautiful.


What are some 2017 book releases that you are looking forward to releasing this year?