Drama Wednesday (19): “Age of Youth” (2016) Drama Thoughts


“Age of Youth” is a 2016 K-Drama about five college aged girls who live together in a small boarding house. It doesn’t sound terribly engaging from that description, but life can be rather interesting when you put five different tempered girls together…

What I Liked:


This drama felt more real than the usual drama. I LOVE (*all the hearts*) my Asian dramas. Ya’ll ought to know this if you have been following this blog for at least a week or two. BUT I know that a lot of the stuff that happens in them would probably never happen in real life. 😛 However, this drama is one that I feel could happen. Like a scene where one female character is stranded at a bus station and is NOT rescued by her wealthy, good looking prince charming in a sports car. She actually has to wait for the buses to run again. o_O

The not-so-perfect-heroines. While I’m not advocating some of the stuff they do—one of them is a prostitute, a profession I am not for—I found it interesting to see the lives of girls who don’t always make the best choices, and how they learn from some mistakes. Even the ones who are just average college-going girls have issues that made them seem more relate-able than the usual K-Drama female leads. They are also shown struggling with the simple stuff we girls go through, and I loved seeing I’m not alone in these problems. ❤

Some Christianity positivity. This is subtle, and, no, this drama isn’t Christian. But I’ve noticed how there seems to be a lack of Christianity in entertainment these days, as opposed to a long time ago. As a Christian, I liked how one of the the heroines prays in a couple of scenes. This might not seem like a big deal, but to me, I found it a nice little addition. ❤

The relationship between the girls=friendship goals (except for their fighting, a thing most girls do cause…yeah). There are five, and they are all so different, and yet, through trial and errors, they were still able to form a bond. I just loved it when they stood up for each other.



What I Was Not So Fond Of:

There is really one overall thing I did not like about this drama, and it is a culmination of little parts. These being What I Call Not-So-Clean-Parts. Perhaps since  this drama portrays a more realistic perspective of life, it does have a lot more sex talk than other dramas I’ve watched. There’s also a scene where some of the girls are about to show another girl some porn, but it cuts off because something happens before they can do so. So, no, this series is not as conservative as some other K-Dramas are. (Though I will say there are no actual sex scenes, nor porn unless you count seeing a guy’s shirt off as such.)

Overall, this drama was fascinating, thought-provoking, and it really touched my heart. I grew attached to the characters even though their’s was a shorter drama than I usually watch (12 episodes). It had some some content I was not favorable of, but other than that I did enjoy it and am curious about its upcoming second season. It’s a rare thing for K-Dramas to have a second season (*inserts thoughts of other dramas I wish had second seasons*), and I hope it exceeds the first. 🙂


Drama Wednesday (18): “Missing Nine” (2017) Drama Thoughts

Over the weekend and the beginning of this week, I went on a short vacation with my family to the mountains. It was fun, save for my hyperventilating moments when we were on roads with mile high lookouts and NO GUARDRAILS. What even, road makers? Put up some guardrails, sheesh. 😛

Anyways, I did not fall off any mountains, and, thankfully, for my trip I rode in a car and was nowhere near an island in the middle of an ocean, so there was no danger of my being stranded on an island after being in a plane crash like the characters in the drama I’m discussing today, “Missing Nine.”



So, this drama is basically about some survivors of a plane crash who end up on a deserted island, and the circumstances that occur during and after it. My thoughts…

What I Liked:


The male lead. The male lead (Jung Kyung Ho) really made this drama for me. He was one of those characters who was funny in the way that he joked around with the female lead, and how he acted calm and unconcerned when facing some of the bad situations he was in. I plan to see if any other dramas he is in interest me, because he impressed me in this one.

The show had parts that were emotionally stirring, in that I wanted to know how things would end up, or a character wold face a nail-biting worrisome situation that had my gaze glued to the screen or feeling kind of anxious.


The closeness developed between some of the plane wreck’s survivors. Yeah, some of them had their moments where they betrayed each other, but, overall, the friendship they knit became powerful enough to overcome some strenuous situations.

Parts with playfulness. This drama had some intense situations, and it could really have been a mood downer if the writers had not added some levity by including comicalness to it. I have seen that it was thought to be overdone, and perhaps if you are looking for a straight-up thriller, the comedic parts would seem out of place. I, however, enjoy a laugh when I’m watching my dramas, and did not much mind this drama’s funnies (though, I discuss below the part of the humor that I did not really enjoy.).

What I Was Not So Fond Of:

Okay, the ending was a bit of a crickets chirping kind of thing. Like, it was not a horrible ending. It was just somewhat too fast and some of it did not make sense. It was happy, and I did like how the ending showed the characters being forgiving toward one character, but, still, the some stuff needed to be explained. Could have used another episode. This picture from Dramafever explains the feeling after finishing this series:


While not a huge problem for me personally, I do think this drama suffered from its lack of mood consistency. It’s like a survival story turned thriller turned kind of a comedy. I liked the funny parts, but all the mood jumps just overall made this drama feel uneven. :-/

Did I like this drama? Yes. Did I love it? Eh, parts of it. However, as a whole it was not as good as it could have been… I did like that its plane crash plot was unique from many dramas I have seen, though, and, of course, I liked the above stuff I mentioned. If I was to rate it, I’d give it a solid four our of five.

Also, just want to say that I still prefer DK’s “Flight 29 Down” when it comes to Island survival shows. 😉

Drama Wednesday (17): “My Sassy Girl” (2017) Drama Thoughts

Today for Drama Wednesday, I’d like to share some thoughts on the 2017 K-drama, “My Sassy Girl.” This drama is about a princess who is searching for her missing mother, and the escapades she gets into while secretly doing so.

(There’s also some political stuff, a romance plot, and plenty of little funny moments that should extract at least one smile from its viewers.)


What I Liked:

This drama, while not 100% hilarious at ALL times, had some fun, comedic elements. I love comedy when it is done well, and this drama did so in some parts. This is a historical that does have some serious political moments, YET it is not all seriousness, and I appreciated that. Historicals can be SO SOMBER. :’-( Yet, while this one has its tear-bringing times, it isn’t terribly heavy. Plus, the ending was my favorite ending for a historical yet. ❤


The actress who played the princess, Oh Yeon Seo, was amazing. Like, wow, her facial expressions were AWESOME. Whoever picked her to play this role chose the perfect actress to play a sassy princess.

I loved that the princess in this drama was sassy. Yeah, she is pretty much my favorite Joseon princess ever. No perfectly graceful girl here. She does mature some as the series progresses, but she never truly loses her sassy-ness.


The relationship between the princess and her two servants. They could be so funny. 🙂

The political and action stuff. I went into this drama expecting it not be terribly serious, but the series does not start off with fluffy moments and silly antics. It starts in a rather serious way, and this kind of threw me off. However, once the funny elements were thrown in, I slowly began to appreciate the non-silly, political and action stuff. Gave this drama a bit more, well, drama. 🙂

What I Did Not Care For:

It took me getting past the first episode and half of the second episode to really get into this drama. Like I said, the show did not start as I thought it would, and the very beginning was not terribly funny, and actually a bit confusing. o_O

There was some crude humor. I like humor, but I do not appreciate it when it is crude.


I liked this unique historical, overall. It did not end making me want to throw something at the screen at the end because of a shocking ending, and it was not dreary. It had just enough light-hearted moments that make my heart feel sparkly when I think about them. 😀


Drama Wednesday (16): July 2017 Overview & August Watch List

Dramas I Finished Watching:


“Chicago Type Writer” (2017)— SO good. If you’re looking for a Korean drama that isn’t the usual historical, has a bit of fantasy, and writing/bookish elements, you might want to try this one. (Click Here to Read My Longer Thoughts on It).

“Sweet Stranger and Me”  (2016)— This cute drama was fun. Not the best thing ever, but not bad. I think it suffered for me partly due to my watching it along with some dramas that were really awesome for me.

“The Best Hit” (2017)— THIS DRAMA. *all the hearts* This is probably my favorite of the three dramas I finished watching this month. It just has such a fun feel to it, with an interesting story line, awesome characters, and a unique humorous aura. If you have not watched this one, what are you waiting for? Go now.

Movies I Finished Watching This Month:


“Don’t Worry, I’m A Ghost (2012)— This was not a bad movie, but it wasn’t my personal favorite. You can read my expanded thoughts on it by clicking here.


“Miss Granny” (2014)— This film about an old woman becoming young again was fun, though perhaps it would have been better if not for its crude humor moments. I enjoyed the ending, though. FINALLY, a Korean film with an ending that did not leave me feeling weird. Hope to try the Chinese version this month and compare the two.


“Train to Busan” (2016)— Okay, so this movie is a zombie survival film, and the best Korean film I’ve watched so far. Yeah, it was freaky and gory in parts of it. I mean, the zombies in this film don’t just come after you in a walking pace. No, they can R-U-N. My heart was pounding during parts of this film, lol. Anyways, I had some issues with it—mainly I feel like the ending could of had a little more of a conclusion than it had—but, overall, it was an interesting train ride. ( One I hope I will never  truly experience. o_O ) Also, for a zombie film, it had enough heart to make me have some feels when…*bleeps spoilers*

August Watch List:


“My Sassy Girl” (2017) (Only Two Episodes Left)



“Missing Nine” (2017)



“Duel” (2017)



“General and I” (2017) (Hope to finish this one.)

Drama Wednesday (15): “Chicago Typewriter” Review


What I  Liked:


The writing elements. It can be fun to watch a drama and see characters who do things you like to do. In my case, this drama was about a writer who, well, writes. Which I happen to do both here and on some personal fictional works. Anywho, I liked the writing and bookish parts of this series.

The historical vibe of 1930’s Korea. Okay, so I have not really thought much on what a 1930’s Korea looked like before watching this drama. From this show, it looks a lot like 1930’s America, except, you know, overrun by Japanese and mixed with Korean/Japanese culture. However, some of the clothing styles, architectural structures, and music style are similar. So it was interesting to see this side of Korean history. Speaking of Korean history…


The little taste of history concerning Japan’s occupation of Korea was something my history loving heart appreciated.  Before watching this drama, something that kind of flew over my head about Korea is this time period. I guess I just tend to be drawn to the hanbok wearing days of Korean history, so I found it an eye opening lesson to learn about the struggle the Koreans went through because of the Japanese occupation. So awful! *hugs the 1930’s Koreans*

The way the series flips from present to past, past to present was interesting. I helped add the mystery feeling of this series.

The romance was sweet, and not overdone. Kind of feel sad for one character, though. 😦

The friendship between the characters in the past, and how they renewed their friendship in the present. Some of their story was tear worthy, but that just added to the emotional, heartrending awesomeness that I (morbidly) kind of like. O_o

Action scenes. Yep, while not a lot (they’re mostly in the past), there is some action.

What I Was Not So Fond Of:

More, please?

There were a few loose ends left untied at the end. It was not so bad that I’m melting from lack of knowledge, but there are a few characters that have me curious about what happened to them.

Curse words in the subtitles. Most dramas I watch have curse words, but I’m just saying I. don’t. like. it. #rantover

Overall, I really enjoyed this drama. It was different and stands out, and I am glad I decided to watch it. Wish there were more episodes, because I’m going to miss this drama and its characters. 😥 *sniffle*

Drama Wednesday (13): Watching/Hope to Watch in July

Guys, it’s July. Which is awesome because, one, that means less than six months until Christmas time (my favorite time of the year), and, two, my birthday comes at the end of the month.

Anyways, enough ramble ramble. Today I want to share the dramas I’m currently watching and hoping to watch this July:

Currently Watching:


“Chicago Typewriter” (2017): I first saw this advertised when it was airing and knew I’d like to try it because it looked different. A mix of writing and the 1930’s? *happy melts* My friend recently watched and enjoyed, and so I’ve decided to give it a try.

So far it has been pretty interesting. As a book reader and an author, I appreciate all of the bookish elements. There seems to be more creepiness than I thought it would have, but that just makes it all the more exciting. Interested to see what happens next. I’m currently on episode 3.


“The Best Hit” (2017), “My Sassy Girl (2017),” and “Sweet Stranger and Me” (2016). Yes, I’m still watching these. Two are still airing, and the other… Well, let’s just say I’ve been in a watching slump after finishing “Circle: Two Worlds Connected.” I’m pathetic.


To Watch:


“Bride of the Water God” (2017): This drama just started airing, so I might wait to start this one at the end of the month. Unless I cave because the promotional images lead me on a path of destruction to watching another drama that I have to wait awhile before I can watch all of its episodes. (Note: K-Dramas love to end in cliff-hangers.)


“The Starry Night, The Starry Sea” (2017): This is a Chinese drama that I’ve been wanting to watch for awhile. I enjoyed the first episode awhile back, and would like to continue with the series (plus some other Chinese dramas I want to finish.) This one just looks like the perfect kind of summer drama. Contemporary fantasy with a merman? Yesss. ❤

How about you? What are some dramas you are watching/hope to watch? Feel free to share, even if they’re not Asian. 😉

Drama Wednesday (12): “Circle: Two Worlds Connected” Review

The following post may include some fangirl screaming. Readers are cautioned to continue only if they can can handle such a reaction:





You guys. YOU GUYS! Oh wow, this drama. THIS DRAMA!

I saw this drama listed a little over a month ago. It looked so cool, and I decided that I needed wanted to watch it. I mean, alien? Futuristic world that is divided into two parts? Not really hard to say no.  So here are my (more coherent) thoughts on this drama after having finished this drama this morning (we’re talking midnight, people.).

What I Liked:


The surprise factor was just about the best I’ve seen in a K-Drama. I mean, I would think I know what was going on, but then BAM! Turned out that I did not know everything. Even when the series was coming to a close in the last episodes, and it seemed like there could not possibly be any more surprises, another one hit me like an awesome dart.

The  execution of the overall story line seemed so unique in the K-Drama Universe, and I loved it to bits. The whole idea of having two stories being told in most of the episodes, one containing either the past or present, and the other taking place twenty years in the future? It might sound confusing, but it was not. In fact, it just made the surprise factor all the better.


The brother relationship between Woo Jin and Bum Gyun. I eventually had tears falling from under my eyeballs because of them, ya’ll. They’re just so cute, and it is sad how their lives kept parting them.

This story was not just anther romance. I love romantic comedy K-dramas, but this drama was a breath of fresh air in the romance area. It does not contain all of the usual tropes that are on the Korean Drama Check List. There isn’t even a kiss between anyone. Yet I’m okay with it because the romances were just so perfectly light, blended in to give an extra bit of heart to the tale.

A nice amount of humor. This is a serious drama for the most part, containing some pretty heavy stuff. Yet there was some funny moments to off set the bleakness of the story.

What I Wasn’t So Fond Of:


*thinks some more…*

  Um, the fact that there was some swearing used in the subtitles?  Other than that, honestly, the story was just so epic that I do not have any major dislikes. Except, maybe the ending, which left an opening for more to happen. *hopes there will be more* Please? Thank you.

So, are you looking for a new drama? Good, stop this instant and go check out “Circle: Two Worlds Connected.” Now. Go. Bal-lee! (quickly!)


Now for me to go and try and not be in a watching slump…. *I can do this*