You Might Be A Bookworm If…

You might be a bookworm if…

Open book isolated

1. You spend more money on books than on clothes, shoes, hair products, etc. ( Who needs to look good when there are books? 😉 )

2. You get  freakishly excited when a book store comes into your sights when you are out. (Also, you get looks from whoever is with you because they strangely dread wandering the halls of a bookstore. #why?)

3. Half-Price = Double Happy!

4. You’re running out of shelf space. Again. Maybe even bookcase space.

5. You have to force yourself to smile at someone who just said “reading is boring.” It might  look like this: (>_<)                           

dreamstimefree_1220416. You have at least twenty books that you own, but have not read. Plus, there are all of those books you are planning to buy. #noregretspeople.



7. Extra money! *goes to book store* Well, there went that.


8. Random Individual: “What do you want for your Birthday?” Bookworm: “Books!” Random Individual: “Here’s a gift card. I can’t keep up with all the books you have read.”

9. “Have you read this?” *book worm looks at book, then sighs in disappointment because they momentarily thought they found a new book to add to their TBR pile(s)* “Yes.” 



10. You see a person with a book you have read , want to go up and talk about book, but you don’t know them 😦

11. Book Sales are your Black Friday.

12. *sees cheap book and reaches for it* “Don’t do it. You already have-” *ignores voice in head and buys the book*

13. Bookworm: “Yay! I have been waiting for this book for so long. Now I can read it.” Books on shelf: “We’ve been waiting to be read longer!” Bookworm: “Hee hee.” * proceeds to read new book*

14. A non-book lover: “Why do you own so many books?” Bookworm: “That question is invalid. Please try again.”


*Images by Dmitry BomshteinDaniel Gilbey, and Jody Vrugteveen.


25 thoughts on “You Might Be A Bookworm If…

  1. So true to life. I laughed so hard at my wife, my daughter, and myself when reading this post. It is exactly us…. especially my wife. Thanks for that.

  2. So much truth and happiness in this post. I would add one more: “Looks at bedside clock, and almost cries because the book is so good but has to sleep in order to function properly at work tomorrow.” This is “literally” me every. single. night.

    1. That is a good one! I am not one of those readers who does well at work/life after staying up late to read. It can be hard to stop, though. 😞

  3. Yep that about sums me up! If I’m traveling through a new town and spot a book store, I have to go inside and yes its not a fly by visit. My journey is now going to take twice as long.

    1. This is me, too. I do not travel far on my own, though, so I have to ask/beg who I am with to go to new bookstores, lol. Sometimes I’m denied, which is sad. They just do not fully understand. 🙂

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